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Old 14 June 2012, 11:54 PM
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The main reason to give coffee to a drunk person is that it's something to drink that isn't alcoholic but is still bitter enough to be satisfying. The caffeine might help to keep you awake a bit, but mostly it gets you to pause from drinking alcohol long enough that you break the run and don't automatically pour another.
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Old 15 June 2012, 04:40 AM
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I think the problem is that things like 4-Loco are used more by young college and/or high school kids who already are drinking more than is safe, add in continuous caffeine and you have a more alert drunk teen/young adult who is still drinking specifically to get drunk. More alert to continue drinking past what is already an unsafe amount. I know that not long before they pulled it off the shelfs here(not sure if that is just a regional ban) there were about a dozen kids admitted to the nearest hospital for alcohol poisoning after drinking 4-Loco in a two week period. One died and I think one girl had liver failure, I am not sure what happened with her as I do not know her family, but they actually spent an entire 3 hour meeting that was meant to decide if the library should stay or be moved on what to do about it.

I am still not entirely sure that they wouldn't have gotten alcohol poisoning with plain alcohol. Yes, there was dramatic increase, but there could have been other reasons for this. I did buy a can after the meeting to see just how alert I felt as I get drunk easily and often do not drink much because I start to feel relaxed and sleepy, unfortunately it tastes like a mix of bad vodka,cheap beer, the most horribly bitter cough syrup, paint thinner and too fruity punch soda.
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