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Old 30 January 2013, 06:10 AM
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Default Iraq vet undergoes double-arm transplant

(CNN) -- A U.S. Army infantryman who lost all four limbs in a 2009 roadside explosion in Iraq has undergone radical transplant surgery that may help him regain use of his arms.

Last month, the 26-year-old infantryman had successful surgery -- a rare double arm transplant -- at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
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Old 30 January 2013, 02:24 PM
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Is it wrong that one of the things I thought of when reading this story was Bill The Galactic Hero?

It is? Thought so.

As an aside, it is interesting that they're using the donor's bone marrow so Marrocco's imune system will be a combination of both, meaning he won't need so many anti-rejection drugs. I wonder if the choice to do that or not is based on the different masses involved? IE, if you get just a kidney, it isn't worth it, but it is when you get the much more massive implantation of two arms?
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Old 30 January 2013, 06:54 PM
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You're doing better than me. I was thinking of Andy Griffith in Spy Hard.

Best wishes to Marrocco.
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Old 31 January 2013, 12:04 AM
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Wishing this guy all the best. I saw this on the news last night, and the guy seemed upbeat and optimistic.

Me, I had another one of my "And I complain when I have to get up earlier than usual" moments of shame. I cannot even begin to pretend to imagine what this man is going through.
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