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Old 24 August 2017, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by musicgeek View Post
My two brothers and I are working on a podcast discussing Twilight Zone episodes, three at a time, arranged somewhat thematically, so now I'm re-watching a whole bunch of classic TZ episodes on Netflix. Some of the classics are still fantastic; there are also some forgotten gems in there. And then there are those that really don't hold up. Whether or not the podcast ever gets off the ground, we're having a fun time re-watching and discussing.
I know this was ages ago, but I'd be interested to hear your opinions on which ones are still strong and which aren't! IMO the biggest issue with many of the weaker ones is the pacing- the concept is strong, but the "twist" is pretty well telegraphed early on, though I'm never sure if that's me looking at it with a 50-years-of-pop-culture-later P.O.V. or what.
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Old 25 August 2017, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
The thing I didn't like about that episode was the skepticism regarding magic. It never makes sense when you've got a universe with superpowers and happen to be someone with superpowers, but consider magic is unrealistic. Really, it should just be regarded as another type of superpower, just an extraordinarily versatile one.
I'm thinking of Bruce's line to Terry in Batman Beyond: "I've seen it all, demons, witch boys, immortals, zombies. But this thing, I don't know, it feels high school."

Context for those of you wondering, is freaky events at the high school have everyone wondering if there's a ghost haunting the place. Bruce's line was basically a response to "You don't believe in ghosts, do you?"
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Old 28 August 2017, 03:00 AM
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I recently rewatched The Good Place.

It improves the second time around when you know what's really going on.
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Old 29 August 2017, 07:19 PM
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We're currently re-watching The Office (US). We missed the show in its entirety during its original broadcast. I watched the first episode one day when I saw it was on netflix - the only thing I knew about it at the time was that whenever I would comment to someone how I loved the movie Office Space, they would immediately say "oh, do you mean The Office?" So when I saw it on netflix, I thought I would finally find out what all the fuss was about. mrs. callee and I watched it together, and just loved it. Sure, it was funny as all get out, but I think we also appreciated it as a drama - we really wanted to see the story lines resolve, the characters grow. We were both total suckers for the Jim/Pam romance. I would pay money for a spin-off of just the two of them moving on through family life. Hey, they could call it The Family. When we finally got to the finale, the next night we sat down on the couch and looked at eachother and said "what do we do now?" So we started again at episode one. I think we're in season 6 right now.

Other series we have re-watched:

* Band of Brothers. Watched that about 4 times probably. Only watched the pacific twice though; it just wasn't as compelling.

*BattleStar Galactica. I bought the box sets for the main series, the caprica prequel, and all the standalone movies. I've watched the whole kit and kaboodle in sequential order about 4 times. I think I'll do it again this winter.

* West Wing. Caught a few episodes when it aired, but didn't really get into it. Then years later some channel started airing it in reruns and we watched it from the beginning. After that we bought the box set and watched in again. And again. and Again. We've watched it in order about 4 times, and now days every so often we'll just watch a random episode. Just today at lunch I watched the one where bartlett meets with the psychiatrist. What a great episode. best line: "screw around if you want, but it's your money, it's about to be my money, and I sleep fine."

Then there's a couple others that I'm not sure if they qualify as "rewatching" or not. Back in the pre-streaming days, it was hard to always catch the next episode of a given show. Or sometimes you just didn't hear about a series at the start, and you didn't get to tune in until half way through the second season or something. So there's a number of shows for which my viewing had gaps, and so I ended up re-watching part or all of the series later on streaming in order to get it all.

Fraiser: Watched it on air when it started, then gradually stopped for some reason. Rediscovered it years later and watched like the last 5 seasons online to finish it off.

Voyager: Tuned in from the start on air, but again, missed the last couple seasons for some reason. I remember flipping through the channels one day after I hadn't been watching it for a while, and seeing Jerri Ryan and thinking "what the?!" Years later I watched the last couple seasons I had missed on netflix.

X-Files. My religious parents wouldn't let me watch it when it aired originally. I caught random episodes every chance I got at friends' houses. Years later our local cable station started airing them in re-runs. I was able to watch from the start in order, but only got half way through the series when the cable channel dropped it from their schedule! Currently I'm slowly going through it again on netflix, I started at episode One and plan to finally watch the whole thing. I think I'm in season 4 right now. It's slow going, cause mrs. callee hates it and so I can only watch it when she's not around.

Gilmore Girls. Watched it from the beginning when it was broadcast, but gave up on it shortly after they fired Amy Sherman Palladino. It just seemed to go downhill after that. Years later I couldn't resist watching everything I had missed on Netflix, mostly so that we'd be up to speed for the netflix reboot last year.
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Old 30 August 2017, 06:59 PM
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I recently finished re-watching Lucky Star, after getting the Blu-ray set to replace my Australian import DVD.

I'm currently working my way through One Foot In The Grave, I've seen this series so many times but it's still funny because most episodes are so jam packed with good moments.
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Old 01 October 2017, 04:47 PM
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I've been re-watching Project Mc^2. It's like, "little girls will watch us anyway, so let's see how ridiculous we can get while still making with the science". Also, is it just me or have only a few weeks passed in-show?
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Old 01 October 2017, 08:36 PM
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I've started rewatching Star Trek, the original one.

I've never watched the episodes in order, it was always catch as catch can on the television, and when I had the DVDs (I have them somewhere) I never had all the seasons.

So, on Netflix it has them all and I am rewatching them now.
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Old 01 October 2017, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by mbravo View Post
I know this was ages ago, but I'd be interested to hear your opinions on which ones are still strong and which aren't! IMO the biggest issue with many of the weaker ones is the pacing- the concept is strong, but the "twist" is pretty well telegraphed early on, though I'm never sure if that's me looking at it with a 50-years-of-pop-culture-later P.O.V. or what.

Please note that we're not making any sort of money of this - at least not yet. (We've joked that we're on the South Park "Underpants Gnome" business model. As soon as we figure out that third step...)

Anyway, give a listen and let us know what you think. The project is still in its infancy, and we're still working out technical kinks while we try to find a good rhythm for our discussion. It's a ton of fun to do, though.

ETA:I just saw that the post I'm responding to is also "ages ago!" I'm sorry I missed it when you posted; I had forgotten about this thread and just saw it today because of Jusenkyo no Pikachu's and UEL's posts. Since my last post on the subject, we've recorded and posted five episodes; we're averaging about an episode every two weeks.

Last edited by musicgeek; 02 October 2017 at 12:09 AM.
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Old 31 October 2017, 12:08 PM
Jusenkyo no Pikachu Jusenkyo no Pikachu is online now
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I found the original T-Bag TV series on YouTube. I'm surprised that the first episode did not star John Hasler, who became the only star to stay throughout the 9-season run.
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Old 14 February 2018, 02:36 PM
Jusenkyo no Pikachu Jusenkyo no Pikachu is online now
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Holy crap this thread was deaded.

Anyway, in the vein of watching things I used to love that nobody else seems to recognise, I am re-watching Mirror Mirror Series 1 (I never did finish series 2, but only the bare concept of a magic time portal mirror remains).

For those who never watched this show, it’s about two girls from different time periods in New Zealand. One, Louisa Iredale (Michala Banas), is a proper young lady from 1919, while the other, Jo Tiegan (Petra Yared) is a modern Australian girl. When an old man gives Jo a mirror, she inadvertently travels back to 1919. As a result of her accidental trip, two girls in her class are poisoned by a canister that suddenly appears in a well at her school. It turns out that the school once belonged to Louisa’s neighbour, Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne, whose young ward Nicholas was really Alexei Nikolaievich Romanov, implausibly living in New Zealand.

Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense, but I did enjoy it.
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