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Old 26 December 2017, 07:19 PM
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As I sit here, eating leftovers on Boxing Day, yesterday was a huge success.

Everyone who came found something that they could eat and enjoy. A big thankyou to those who mentioned the Hindu vegetarian. Because due to shifting guest lists (we told everyone that we were the dinner of last resort, and were happy with it) we ended up having a vegetarian in the crowd.

Some things I learned:

- my curry is nothing like in India, but our Indian guest** said it was excellent anyways (as he had 3 servings of my bell pepper korma)

- our Muslim guest was not so concerned about halal food. He explained that if we serve non-halal food, he can partake without sacrificing his soul. But, I don't know whether that was the very polite and inoffensive 19 year old speaking, or a young man who really understood the rules surrounding food

- one of my girls does not like salmon. I've been cooking it for years and she finally let me know last night that she did not like salmon

- jello is a popular dessert

- fresh green salad is not such a popular dish

It was great, and I made food for 15. I have about a week's worth of leftovers.

Thanks once again for the advice and options. I included a lot of it and it really contributed to the success of the evening.

**Our Indian guest came to Canada in August, and this was his first event in a "Canadian" home. He was shy, unsure of our customs. He loved the way he was made a part of the "family" in our family dinner. That made my night.
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