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Old 29 October 2009, 12:13 AM
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I am pretty sure I was drugged in a failed attempt to rape me. I had never heard of date rape drugs at the time, back in 1997. A guy invited me on a date, took me to a place and ordered me a single margarita while I went to the restroom. He seemed really intent that I should finish it, which seemed odd to me. Then he was suddenly intent on leaving this place and going somewhere else, also odd. Then he suggested we go back to his house and take a nap and then go party later, the strangest date suggestion I have ever heard. When I declined, he suggested we go walk at a secluded park, which I also declined. Then he took me back to my car and I drove to a friend's house, where I blacked out repeatedly over the course of the next 4 hours and just basically acted very groggy and slow.

I could not figure out why I was so out of it and didn't link the guy's bizarre behavior and my bizarre symptoms until a year later when I heard about the date rape drug. I don't KNOW that it was an attempted date rape or that drugs were used. But I don't have a better explanation, either.
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Old 30 October 2009, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Amigone201 View Post
The taste part makes me wonder if this is possible, but my girlfriend was telling me last night of a truly infuriating practice that bartenders engage in (although it may be a UL).

Sometimes, a guy goes up to the bar and tells the bartender he's looking to score tonight, and asks if the bartender can help. The bartender then adds extra alcohol to the girl's drink to get her good and loose so she's more likely to have sex with him.
I've never heard of this, but I have heard that if the bartender likes you or knows that you tip well, he may make your drink extra strong, in a more-for-your-dollar kind of way.

Not a bad thing when I'm drinking vodka-based drinks. not so good when it's whiskey.

I have also lost count of the drinks I've had. Sometimes you're having too much fun and the drinks "go down smooth." I've actually bought a 12-pack, and gone ionto it to get more and realized that I only had a few left! since my wife doesn't drink beer, and my sons, besides being too young to get a beer bottle open, are in bed I can reasonably assume that I eather drank more than I thought or that the beer was stolen by gremlins.

I blame the gremlins!

At bars, I try to keep the bottles or bottle caps to keep track.
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Old 30 October 2009, 03:34 PM
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During my time in Phoenix I had several different "mixed" drinks - made from "scratch" (as opposed to a pre-mix). In general, the bartenders had a very heavy hand. The drinks were Mojitos, Margaritas, and Long Island Iced Tea. I only had one or two on any single occasion, and I never had so much that I had lost my sense of taste. This was in restaurants - rather fancy ones too - where someone is not likely to come and get "wasted". However, the fact remained that alcohol was cheap (some places were selling $2 Margaritas), and the heavy hand wasn't isolated. I imagine that there are some bars - with a certain kind of clientele - who do this intentionally. They serve all their drinks on the "heavy" side and it results in lots of drunken patrons who spend their money with reckless abandon, and the bar earns a reputation as a place where people go to have a very good time. They make up for it with volume - never a shortage of people who want to get drunk on the cheap. Put it this way, I've never heard of a busy, trendy bar being accused of watering down their drinks.
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