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Police Crime stories

Comment: just ran across this and wondered if you've heard these..


Hence the (possibly aporchryphal) corrupt sheriff I heard about as a kid.
He always included "graft" as a source of income on his tax filings.
Because there was no other evidence to be found, they couldn't get him in
regular court, and because he declared the income and paid taxes on it,
the tax man couldn't touch him either.

In an unrelated but amusing story, my father reports the burglary once of
a small general store during his childhood. The thieves broke into the
store and robbed it. The owners arrived the next day to find that the
thieves had chalked a line around the post office section, and had written
"We didn't cross this line. Honest." on the floor. They weren't worried
about the local cops, but they really didn't want the Postal Inspectors
after them.
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Old 03 March 2010, 03:03 PM
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The second bit is referenced in the November 2, 1972 edition of The Milwaukee Journal (link). There are no additional details about the store, where it happened, what the outcome was, etc.

This undated document on (link) is apparently a postal service publication explaining what postal inspectors do. It references the same event, again without any specific details except to say "sometime in the 1960s."
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