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Old 31 March 2016, 04:54 PM
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Tantrum Every woman has met a man like Donald Trump

The eerie familiarity is more personal than that. They know Trump because they've encountered a man like him at home, work, on social media or in a relationship.
This man extols the virtues of women, but has no problem reducing them to sex objects. He casts himself as unflappable, but blames a woman when his weaknesses are revealed. He insists on personal responsibility, but denies, deflects and perhaps even turns violent when accused of wrongdoing.
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Old 06 April 2016, 10:32 PM
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Default be

My immediate response to the headline was that a woman would be very lucky to have met only a man like that.

More interesting to me is the question of why some women continue to find him admirable. I'm sure in some cases they are just willing to overlook the flaws for the sake of what they see as virtues, and write some of it off as "boys will be boys" behavior that is inevitable but essentially harmless. There does still however seem to be a subset of women who see this kind of behavior as a strength. Is this a serious social problem resulting from cultural programming and self-loathing, or just a matter of personal taste? Some of both I suppose.

I do find it somewhat encouraging that more women and men are willing to call out this kind of thing as being unacceptable (though discouraging that it is so often necessary).
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Old 06 April 2016, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
There does still however seem to be a subset of women who see this kind of behavior as a strength. Is this a serious social problem resulting from cultural programming and self-loathing.
It's not only women. There are also men who see this kind of behavior as a strength. (You may not have meant otherwise, but may have meant that you find it more puzzling in women.)

I'm afraid some of it may be a very back-of-the-head reaction to someone presenting as an extremely dominant male, and treated as such by at least some other humans; possibly due in large part to his money, but there may just plain be some portion of us (stronger in some than in others, and in some members of the species by now working in reverse) that responds to the big gorilla beating on his chest and screaming.

-- On the purely political level, of course, some of his appeal is I'm sure also just plain that he's neither a Bush nor a Clinton; and in fact gives the general political establishment the heebiejeebies. Many people are for good reasons* given the heebiejeebies by the general political establishment, and may be favoring whoever they think is in another category without necessarily thinking through exactly what other category they are therefore supporting.

*this is not to say that there aren't also good reasons for supporting either government in general, or the bulk of its current manifestations in the USA, or for that matter Clinton or even Bush.
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Old 07 April 2016, 03:12 PM
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I have to say my only reaction to this headline was "A man like Trump? Every woman has almost certainly met many men like Trump." Kind of sad, when you think about it. Especially coming from someone who is generally oblivious to most of this sort of thing.

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