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Old 04 November 2007, 07:16 PM
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Icon605 Sean Connery is paid in cash

Comment: While attending 2007's Savannah Film Festival, I saw a
feature-length film called IN SEARCH OF REAL AMERICA, whose producers are
clearly hoping to sell to television. At one point the affable host, Harry
van Gorkum, pulls out a metal briefcase and proceeds to tell an incidental
anecdote, which went something like this:

Years ago on a movie set, Sean Connery was sitting next to a fellow actor
and asked him, "Have you got yours yet?". There's a confused
back-and-forth, with the other actor not understanding what Connery is

Eventually, an aide walks up with a briefcase for Connery. Connery opens
it, examines the bundles of cash within, and says, "All right, that's fine

The potential UL here is that ever since he was screwed over on the Bond
films by the Broccoli family, Sean Connery requires that he be paid up
front, in cash, before each day's shoot.
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