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Old 19 July 2018, 07:14 PM
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*Raises hand* Sucks, don't it? I went nearly four years with one period a year. I didn't have a heavy one, just big enough to need a tampon and Midol. I haven't had one now in three years and I have all the rest of the symptoms of menopause so I am fairly certain I'm done.

Of course my mother hadn't had a cycle for three years when she found herself pregnant with me at the age of forty-three.


was found in an X-ray taken to see why Mother's tummy felt very tender. Was born the next week. Ooops.
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Old 20 July 2018, 06:47 AM
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Ok now I am a bit worried. I posted here how I had one out of the blue after not having one for while. But I haven't had one for a while now...over a year. But I haven't really had any symptoms of menopause except for my periods stopping. But I am pretty sure one of my blood tests said I had gone through it.

And both my Mum and maternal Grandmother went through menopause about the same age. Although my youngest Aunt is a "change of life baby".

Editing to add the first time they stopped I donated all my stuff to the sick room of the girls school I worked at. But unless you work at a school that properly wont work.

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Old 15 August 2018, 12:55 PM
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Well, it looks like I have a uterine polyp and will need to have it removed, but that's on hold now due to my DVT issues.
If I get another period, I could call my gyno and have her give me something that will stop it in its tracks. Just what I need: another pill.
I saw the ultrasound of it--it's just hanging around and I mean that literally.
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