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Old 16 September 2016, 04:33 PM
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Hello Kitty

Originally Posted by Dropbear View Post
How do you get to be a bigot AND a bleeding heart liberal?
"I am large; I contain multitudes."
-- Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

Four Kitties
“The path to true enlightenment is the ability to formulate and express one's own thoughts, and not somebody else's.” -- Auntie Witch
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Old 15 March 2018, 03:33 PM
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Comment: Who is fact checking YOUR FAKE news????? You leftists are hypocritical, lawless, abortion loving, anything goes, globalists, who are afraid of the news because it gives a crystal clear picture of the results of your liberal insanity and lies!!! Thank you God for people like Pam Geller and Breitbart because without them, Americans would not know the extent to which you liberals attempt to censor reality!!!
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