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Old 27 May 2015, 01:26 AM
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Icon104 QuikTrip "safe places"

Comment: I have never wanted anything I post to "go viral", but this time,
I do. This sign is posted at every QuikTrip and I was recently asked what
it means. A "safe place" sign signifies that, if you are in any danger
(domestic violence, sexual assault, lost children, sex trafficking, any
fear for your safety) QuikTrip has a secluded and hidden area you can sit
in until help arrives. Simply go in and tell any employee you are in need
of a safe place. They are trained not to tell anyone you are there until
the authorities arrive. QuikTrip is not alone in this, Maricopa Community
Colleges also have safe places. Please share this for those who don't know
what these signs mean or how they can get out. You never know what someone
is going through, and hopefully you will never need to find a safe
place... but if so, now you know.
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