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Old 12 May 2014, 01:41 PM
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Disney Thank You Mom, glurge-lite version

In light of Mother's Day, found this little gem. It's rather long, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it here, but it's a bit from his blog about Mothers and gratitude, and worth perusing.

Not very much about Jesus and puppies, but give it time to make the rounds.

While I applaud Matt's sentiments, there's a tired sameness in these tributes, basically that if you grew up in a large home, with plenty of food, toys, parents who dressed well, who took you places more stimulating than the local general store, that invariably means your family was cold and distant and valued Things more than People. And if by chance your mother and father loved you, then it was mandatory you live in a dilapidated shack, feasted happily on beans and crackers, wore your hand-me-hand-me-hand-downs with pride, rode around in a 30-year old truck and spent the weekends just singing around the ol' piano.
Oh, and all the very best Mothers homeschool, no exceptions. (That comes up a lot in Matt's blog.)
Noble ideas, and all kudos to loving families, but it makes it sound like anyone with more than two nickels to rub together doesn't deserve children.
At least that's my two cents.
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