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Old 16 January 2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by TurquoiseGirl View Post
HM- I think you forgot about the bit where the Boutros is half Australian Cattle Dog. You know, the kind that herd cattle?
Sorry - what erwins said. I thought that the Boxer part was instead of the cattle dog part.

So this proves that the Boutros isn't just a "mixed breed" dog, but a "multiple mixed breed" dog, and that even if it was by accident, that the result is a new dog breed of extremely high intelligence, friendly and serene temperament, moderate energy, good with children and other dogs, highly loyal and protective of family when necessary. Most importantly, for a friendly dog, he doesn't jump and he doesn't bark incessantly - and maybe that isn't all environment.

Would the AKC recognize a new breed based upon the cloning of this exemplary specimen?
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Old 16 January 2013, 04:39 PM
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Just to clarify, the name came after we adopted the dog. I chose him based on his temperament. He has always been a very sweet calm dog, even in the pound. And I had wanted a big goofy dog for awhile. BBD is, therefore, totally made of win.
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