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Old 05 September 2010, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
The USAF has been using Challenge Coins for a long time. I got my first one around 1989.
My dad never carried one. Of course, he didn't drink, so I think he may have bowed out of this had it existed at the bases where he was stationed.
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Old 07 September 2010, 04:37 PM
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I think they started out in the flying squadrons. My first one was from the 37th TAS (Blue Tail Flies), my second one from the 7th SOS and third one was from the 7th SOS but it was the Flintlock 90 coin, this coin is actually numbered, my name is entered into a ledger as to having been issued this coin. Flintlock is an annual Joint Special Operations/Forces exercise.

USAF Retired
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Old 01 March 2013, 01:50 AM
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Comment: I'm in the Air Force and someone posted a story on the wall in
our office. We do the coin challenges when we go somewhere for Temporary
duty. But we're not sure if this story is the true history of the Coin


The coins date back to a World War 1 encounter between a downed American
flyer and some suspicious French.

The French thought the flier to be a German saboteur and wanted to execute
him. However, when the flier presented his unit insignia to his would-be
executioners, they recognized his squadron. Rather than shoot him, his
captors presented him with a bottle of wine.

When the flier returned to his squadron and related his tale, it soon
became customary to carry a medallion or coin at all times for the
following challenge: a challenger would ask to see the coin. If the
challenged could not produce it, he was required to purchase a drink of
choice to the challenger. If the challenged could produce the coin, then
the challenger was required to pay for the drink.

This tradition has continued. Today, the rules of engagement demand that
the coin be on your person at all times and that the owner is responsible
for the coin's security.

The coin will not be altered to allow for wear.

The modern coin challenge is as follows:

If the coin strikes a hard surface, it constitutes a challenge and
requires an immediate response in which all other coin owners must produce
their coins. If everyone produces a coin, the challenger must buy a round
of drinks for the group.

But if any coin owner fails to produce their coin, they must buy a roudn
of drinks for all those producing theirs.

There are several versions of coin history and tradition, but in any case,
if you are a known coin owner, be sure to carry it wherever you go.
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