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Old 27 February 2014, 06:41 PM
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Icon402 Victim takes would-be mugger to dinner

Comment: A friend posted this on Facebook, and I think it sounds highly
unlikely. I checked your site and couldn't find any reference to it.

Here are two websites perpetuating this story, but I'm sure there are
more. It would be great if this actually happened, but I have a cynical
nature, so I'm doubting it.
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Old 27 February 2014, 07:08 PM
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"The manager comes by, the dishwashers come by, the waiters come by to say hi," Diaz says.

The kid was like, 'You know everybody here. Do you own this place?'"

"No, I just eat here a lot," Diaz says he told the teen. "That's how the cook recognized my signal to poison your food. You have about 15 minutes left, use them wisely."
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Old 28 February 2014, 06:02 PM
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SO tells this same story about her grandmother -- who took a mugger for a meal back in the 70s in Portugal -- so this is a very old story.
*i was skeptical when SO told me this story -- i am even more skeptical now)
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Old 28 February 2014, 11:41 PM
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It sounds like the plot of the Langston Hughes short story "Thank you, Ma'am."
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