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Old 24 March 2008, 06:36 AM
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Default The most mysterious video games?

I'm curious... what do you all think are the most mysterious video games, based either on their notoriety or legends behind them? The four that come to my mind...

* POLYBIUS - This should be at the absolute top of anyone's list, without any argument. One of the most controversial arcade games around and yet... no one can prove it ever existed. (At least one person online has a fully functional Polybius machine in their home arcade, but this is merely a recreation. We still don't know exactly what this game was.)

* DUKE NUKEM FOREVER - We've heard about its "forthcoming release" for a decade now, and yet, there is no set release date, nor are there any recent, legitimate pictures of this supposed game in the making. At this point, I doubt we'll ever know exactly what the deal is with this... 3D Realms sure isn't talking.

* SONIC XTREME - Sega's answer to "Mario 64"; they were so desperate to get it on the market, they worked their employees night and day. One almost died. Yet, as far as I know, a copy of this supposedly "groundbreaking" game has yet to circulate.

* BANJO-KAZOOIE - Without a doubt, Stop-N-Swop has reigned for the past decade as one of the gaming world's greatest mysteries... hell, it even has entire websites and fan groups devoted to it. I doubt there has ever been another case in history of a game company taunting its fans as much as Rare has... which only makes the mysteries deepen.

Runners up....
* SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 - Three words: "Genocide City Zone." (The reason I put this in the runners-up category is that GCZ isn't quite as mysterious nowadays as it used to be.)

* SUPER MARIO 64 - There are a lot of unanswered questions about this game, but unfortunately, we may never know the truth. Shigeru Miyamoto spoke of secret levels accessed via the triple jump, yet no one has even found them; and then there's those 100 lives that Yoshi gives you, despite the fact that the game is done and there's no reason to have them. And what about Luigi?

Any more?
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