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Old 18 November 2016, 06:16 AM
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Default Big things that make you happy.

Ok there are a few.

I finally got my disability insurance payout, 19 months after work let me go after assuring me I would get it. I will leave the rant about my former workplace for another day cause this is meant to be a happy story (if I ever feel like it but honestly the only reason I got it was cause my Aunt was my lawyer so she wasn't charging me and didn't give up)

Having the money means I could do the renovations I was going to do when I bought the place ten years ago. Badly needed cause the 30 year old kitchen, well it was still ok but it was going to start too crumble any time soon and the carpet was well and truly had it.

So I had a dinner party with my Aunt and Uncles on my Mum's side to celebrate my new kitchen and because the had helped me over the past few years. It went well and a good time was had by all.

And the third thing is that after seeing a psychiatrist I have decide to return to study to try to get my library qualifications. I was nervous about this as I have attempted this course at least twice before and I was wondering what the subject co-ordinator would think but I organised a meeting with her and the disability support officer and I feel hopeful and quite excited about returning to study. I am sure my mood is going to change from excitement to nervous to extreme nervous in the two months until I start. But I am pretty sure it is going be mostly excitement. Cause I really enjoyed the course when I did it in the past but had to discontinue firstly due to economic reasons and then for health reasons.

I kinda expected I would have to start all over again cause it has been a while and I do. But not because it has been awhile but because the course has changed to reflect the changing nature of libraries.

This also means that myself and two of my cousins will be studying next year*.

Even though we won't be at the same institute it will be nice we have this in common. They are 25 and 30 years younger then so it kind unexpected that we a starting a course of study at the same time.

So in short I am feeling happier then I have in a while. Happy and hopeful. Happy and hopeful and a bit nervous.

*assuming my youngest cousin who graduates grade 12 this year is offered a place.
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Old 18 November 2016, 02:10 PM
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Congratulations, Dasla. You're joining the snopester librarians' club! We can always use new members.

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Old 19 November 2016, 12:03 AM
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Join Date: 15 April 2010
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Posts: 3,720

Thank Seaboe. I decided at 12 I wanted to be a librarian but got side-tracked into science well because the course to be a librarian in this state is a graduate course, so you need a degree to do it. And while enjoyed my work in science from the first day I started my library course and in both my industry placements it just right, I felt like this was were I was meant to be.
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