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Old 07 March 2018, 08:46 AM
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Default The truth about the truth about the truth about the truth about "Soy Boys"

OK, this one is entertaining, I swear!

OK, so first off, last November, InfoWars' less-offensive, less effective (and probably straight) equivalent of Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson posted a video (mirrored) claiming that soy products were feminizing men, using claims from a bodybuilder and Dr Kaayla T. Daniel (who repudiated his viewpoint). He then went on to claim...I think he said Ip Man was a pu$$y and all girls are radical leftists? Anyhow, the "soy boy" term caught on.

A week later, radical leftist YouTube comedian Harry "H. Bomberguy" Brewis posted a rebuttal, noting that the very concept of soy=left was disproven by a look in his fridge (and also, Brain Force Plus, an overpriced, underdosed nootropic Paul hawks on InfoWars, contains soy). However, one thing that Brewis never does is half-ass his responses, so this time he decided to do a follow-up video that really went into detail on Paul's sources (as well as the difference between phytoestrogens and estrogen), as well as go on a soy diet himself. (Note, however, that while Brewis is hardcore leftist, that will almost never show up in his videos and he also has apolitical criticisms of Sherlock, Doctor Who and Fallout 4).

And then Paul watched that video and saw fit to post a response...where the only criticism is that a bunch of people have weird faces and Brewis made a thirty-minute video because he's an obnoxious **** (the video features a caricature. Personally, I find Be)? Oh, and he claims that the soy in Brain Force Plus is only there to balance the libidinous effect of Alpha GPC.

It would have...probably not ended there, as it turns out Brewis can always use a laugh. And Alpha GPC (which is in too small a dose to have any effect on the libido) is derived from soy lecithin (apparently), so essentially the soy is balancing out other soy.

All in all, there's probably not so much point, but it is entertaining to watch.
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