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Old 08 July 2016, 06:26 AM
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Flame Claim that jet stream crossing equator is ‘climate emergency’ is utter nonsense

Two bloggers have made a stunning claim that has spread like wildfire on the Internet: They say the Northern Hemisphere jet stream, the high-altitude river of winds that separates cold air from warm air, has done something new and outrageous. They say it has crossed the equator, joining the jet stream in the Southern Hemisphere. One said this signifies that the jet stream is ‘wrecked‘, the other said it means we have a “global climate emergency.”

But these shrill claims have no validity — air flow between the hemispheres occurs routinely.
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Old 08 July 2016, 07:16 AM
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Its so 'unprecedented' that NOAA deemed it worthy to report on a July, 1957 occurrence in a November of 1964 report. (Which, oddly, mentions two other apparently 'unprecedented' occurrences in July and August of 1928, although both the 1928 and 1957 incidents went the other direction--from south to north.)

A Dr. Roy Spencer had this remark from

I especially like this portion of Paul’s post:

“We must declare a global climate emergency. Please consider a donation to support my work..”

Nice touch, Mr. Beckwith.
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