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Baseball The Republic of Vermont

Comment: I'd checked Snopes to see if you had an article on the topic
"Vermont Republic" and found that there was none.

Starting in the mid-20th century there are references to such a republic
in various historical texts but when I dug deeper I found that no one from
that time (1777-1791), nor in the hundred years after, referred to it by
that name.

The constitutions written by Vermonters (1782 & 1786) refer to a state or
State of Vermont, state being the commonly used term in the colonies at
that time, regardless of whether the entity was independent or a member of
the confederation that later became the United States.

Republic of Vermont seems to be one of those myths that has taken hold, so
much so, that one present group, the Second Vermont Republic advocates for
a return to Vermont's former status as a republic. As I've looked deeper
into that former status I've found that the situation was much more
complex than that, including such matters as a president (Washington) not
delivering on a promise to gain statehood in the confederation from
Congress for Vermont and intriques such as secret negotiations (Haldiman
Negotiations) between Ethan Allen and the British about Vermont's future

Given that there is so much talk in the press and on the web about a
Vermont Republic, perhaps now is the time for Snopes to give it a look.
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