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Old 26 September 2014, 05:43 PM
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Baseball Claims about hearing recovery made in radio advertisements

This is a question borne from a radio commercial.

Background: in 1990, I was the unfortunate victim of an ammunition accident that considerably damaged my hearing. I was very young at the time (but serving in uniform) when it occurred**. My hearing was not too bad until the "normal" effects of aging started impacting my ability to hear clearly. So, I'm going deaf at an alarming rate and try to keep abreast of technology etc that deals with hearing.

Issue: Over the past week, I've heard a radio commercial from a local "hearing clinic" that offers deals on hearing aids. However, this clinic also claims to "retrain the brain on how to hear". It claims clinical trials have demonstrated hearing can be retrained to better focus on what we need to hear.

I'm trying to get a copy of the commercial.

My questions for those that understand the brain:

- if the hardware of the ear is damaged, how would you be able to retrain the software of the brain to better hear?

- would this retraining the brain be more akin to training it to better comprehend what it does hear?

- how would one be able to validate their premise that they can retrain the brain?

Up until now, all my reading on the science of hearing has been focussed on the repair of damage, or recovery of hearing capability. I'm keenly interested in knowing if this works. It may be legitimate and has flown under the radar for medical news (after all, it is not a cure for cancer or AIDS) or it may be merely a poorly founded claim to boost business.

Any insights are welcome!

**When I retire, my hearing issues will be compensated by the military (lifetime hearing aids etc) but I'm interested in hearing recovery technology.
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