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Old 01 November 2017, 12:17 PM
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Icon05 My Dog's Back End Hurts

And I'm not sure why.
Timeline: last Friday I took her into the Vet Tart to have her anal glands expressed. I have to do this about once a month. Flash forward to last evening. Pearl was standing next to me as I was petting Steely Dan (who was resting on his scratching post). Suddenly Pearl lets out an unearthly yowl of pain and crouches to the floor with a please don't hit me! look. I had not even touched her! DH calls her, she goes to him and jumps into his lap. He notes she's trembling. After a few minutes she seemed to calm down so I thought, let's go to the park. I take out her leash and....nothing. Normally Pearl is excited when she sees her leash. Not last night. Long story short, I spoke to a friend who suggested that Pearl was manhandled by a Vet Tart employee in the course of having her butt squeezed, and there may be some bruising or even an infection. I was able to get a last minute appointment with her vet who found nothing wrong. OK she is a bit heavy and has to loose weight but that's it. No fever, no cuts, nothing. The vet could tell Pearl was in pain, but from what he doesn't know. He's thinking it does have to do with getting her anal glands expressed and gave her analgesic shot. Plus Pearl with have to take some pain meds for the next few days. Strange huh?
As a sidenote, I cannot believe how drained I felt this morning when the alarm went off!
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