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Old 04 October 2008, 08:00 PM
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My mother's wedding ring has an opal in it. I don't think she' been particularly unlucky.

I think these rumors are started by DeBeers to shore up the diamond's stranglehold on the engagement ring racket.
/conspiracy theory.
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Old 06 October 2008, 04:50 AM
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Originally Posted by MariaVerde View Post
That's what I heard as well, because of their fragility.

I don't agree - I think I was very lucky to find a 5 ct oval oval with a milky color and lots of green fire at a gem show 16 years ago...and equally lucky that my mom had it set in a pendant for me the following Christmas. It looks fantastic on a black cashmere sweater.

Actually, I don't think any jewelry is unlucky...I like shiny things.

DH's great grandparents were avid opal hunters. A couple years after they were both gone, DH's grandmother (their daughter) had the opals made into pendants for the granddaughters in the family. She had one pendant that was meant for me, and it got stolen after she died. DH was able to procure another opal that was raw and had it cut into another big beautiful pendant for me for christmas that year.

I think opals are pretty lucky myself
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