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Old 16 April 2014, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
But rarely can one actually increase their average speed.
First thing is that driving over the speed limit does not mean you will crash and burn. Most people do regularly exceed the posted limits yet accident rates are going down. Contrary to the adage, speed, in and of itself, does not kill.

Next is how you increase your average speed. You can do it by increasing the speed while you are actually moving or you can do it by decreasing the time you are not moving, i.e. making a pit stop. Or you can do it by doing both.

Finally, you can not control what other people do. You are just as likely to be delayed by a crash when you are driving under the posted limit as when you are driving over the limit.

Yes, I can raise my average speed when I need to. And over long distances too.
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