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Old 16 November 2014, 02:40 PM
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thorny locust makes a lot of good points. This is the sort of discussion I was hoping we might have. But I also wonder just how many people really do go shopping on Thanksgiving, and how many of those people actually buy things that are profitable to the store, rather than just the doorbuster deal. It just strikes me as more likely that the sort of person who has to be there when the doors open--to the extent of camping out in front of the store--is not the sort of person who will then aimlessly buy something else while buying their super cheap TV or whatever.

In other words, how much would a store really lose by losing out on that business?

I suspect that despite how much it is, the season at large would still be a profitable one no matter what. The idea of seizing all profits at any cost being standard practice is troubling.

Think of it another way: my workplace could get an extra day of work out of me if it required me to work on Thanksgiving. It would definitely be in some of their interests to do so. Obviously, they have other interests, so I don't have to go to work (and what is more I get paid). I think this has more to do with class than it has to do with actual cost/benefit analysis.

Of course, because it is not standard for the people who do my sort of job to work on holidays, I could just get a different job (in theory) if they did require me to work. But what if the entire industry changed? Paid holidays, vacations, etc. are all standard expectations of people in my social class. But a day off--even an unpaid one--is apparently too much to ask for the underclasses, if the Big Mighty Corporation might take a hit for it.

Target will not go out of business if it closes on one flipping day.
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