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Old 13 February 2014, 12:50 AM
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I certainly did not mean that an Old English would be a poor fit for many families because of bad temperament. I find them to be rather enjoyable, if a bit hairy for my tastes. But every one that I"ve met has been incredibly active and looking for a job to do, and an average pet family isn't going to fulfill that desire. Sorry if that came across the wrong way. Of course, the one's I've met have mostly been working bred dogs, which probably played into it. A show line dog might be much more chill.

I also strongly disagree that responsibly breeding two purebreds is no better then letting two strange dogs breed. Before my boy's dam was bred, the owner researched back several generations of both her and the studs pedigrees, looking at faults and strengths. Both had their hips, elbows, hearts and eyes certified. Both performed not only in the show ring but in lure coursing and agility events. By the time Gimmick came home, he had been tested for a genetic mutation common in his breed, and I had the results in hand. His chances of developing dyspasia of any sort are very slim. These are things that I would not know for a randomly bred dog.

This is not to bash mutts, either or claim they are all genetic nightmares. Both of my rescues are physically healthy as can be, though only one is tempermentally stable.

And as far as people making rude comments about mutts, I have never once taken Gimmick to a dog show or event and had anyone make a rude comment about my rescues. I have, however, had plenty of rescue people act like Gimmick might have gross breeder dog cooties and lecture me about his very existence.
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