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Old 28 August 2017, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
They're often assessed at multiple levels.

Here everyone has county property taxes, and also separately and at a different time of year school district property taxes. People who live within the village limits also pay village taxes; and people who live within a city's limits also pay city taxes (one place wouldn't owe both village and city taxes, it would be one or the other, and places out in the country often don't owe either, just the county and school district.)

In this case, it appears to be the city's taxes that are at issue. If there are other property taxes assessed separately (I don't know whether there are), that might throw some additional light on why they didn't get paid: maybe whoever was paying bills did pay some other property tax, but didn't realize there were multiple such taxes to be paid.
While it is true that there are City and Village (and sometimes School) taxes in Michigan as well, they are all turned over to the County for final collection. It is the County that holds the tax foreclosure/forfeiture/sale. I do not know if that holds for California (or other jurisdictions) as well.
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Old 29 November 2017, 05:12 PM
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The city ended up reversing the sale of the street. (Article also has pretty pictures of the street.)

The people who bought it said they will fight it in court. I wonder if the City would reverse the sale like that for a poor person, or just for the many rich people who live on that street.
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