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Old 12 September 2014, 07:05 AM
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As far as I know, Muslims all over the world are using Arabic - the language of the Quran - as the "religious language", similar to the Roman Catholic Church using Latin. Ornamental writings in mosques are in Arabic, for example.

So, if Muslims wanted to give a ring to somebody that was meant to announce his islamic believe, it would make sense to have it engraved in Arabic, even if that's not the language either of them speaks in every day life.

The claim is nonsense nontheless, of course.
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Old 12 September 2014, 07:18 AM
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Arabic doesn't necessarily mean Muslim. Maybe he's Bahá'í.
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Old 01 October 2014, 10:00 PM
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Comment: The article you made about the school lunch isn't false. it's my
note and it's absolutely real.
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Old 02 January 2015, 04:46 AM
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Comment: I tried to send about 20 Christmas cards to a recovering soldier
and had friends do this too.They have all been returned as not deliverable
as addressed.I am extremely disappointed! My father was a vet and I
wanted to do something to cheer a soldiers day.I spent over 20.00 in
stamps ,cards were free.I am sorry that I tried to brighten someones
holiday and found out it was a waste of time.God Bless all our soldiers.
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Old 11 January 2015, 06:11 PM
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Comment: every time i see an article put out by you, its as negative as
one can get! not only is it fabricated, but it makes a good person sound
as if they are the devil themselves...that they will unleash evil upon the
earth at any moment. REALLY MARTIN LUTHER KING IS COMMUNIST?!?!?! You
sicken me. He is a celebrated figure and noted as being so important by
both republicans and democrats, that he gets, his own day to be
recognized. Yet, you find a way to shit all over him, just like Ive seen
you do with any other influential individual in America? what is the
****ing problem with you? you just like to throw hate on people? most of
what I read of yours, is not only a huge stretch for the truth, but it is
filled with lies. I suppose all our presidents were communists and or
fascists as well? work for Fox news much? oh, your funded by fox news
affiliates? I get it,'re a joke, a fake...its really too bad
that little old ladies and men believe your ridiculousness...they aren't
educated and they just trust you blindly. really, really sad day, when you
think you have the right to demolish others characters just because you
have a website!!!! your no different then any of the lying politicians and
those that pay sites like yours to profit from your crap. what you do is
not real journalism, its fake n bake philosophy.
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