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Default Scrub Monkey - Urban Legend Threatened

For those of you who don't know, the scrub monkey is an urban legend of the Pilbara region in the north west of Australia.

The scrub monkey is reputed to be a large and agile simian creature that inhabits the spinifex covered plains of the Pilbara. Most sightings report the scrub monkey moving across the plains with great speed while engaging in bizarre acrobatics and climbing behaviours. It has been theorized that these creatures are nervous attention seekers - relishing the chance to display their athletic prowess while feeling threatened by the presence of humans. They appear to live solitary lives and their mating habits remain a mystery. Some say shiny objects attract the scrub monkey, so it is always amusing when you see tourists walking around the scrub with their keys jangling and cameras ready.

While in the Pilbara this story was presented to myself and my travelling partners several times, and we had no qualms about passing it on to several foreign tourists we encountered. Just recently I found it has been added to Wikipedia, though they are questioning its validity as an urban legend. While it does not get heard across Australia with the frequency of the Drop Bear, I can confirm tales of the scrub monkey are told in the Pilbara region.

If anyone wants to read the Wikipedia article:

If you feel deleting this page is unfair, then get on the talk page and have your say.

- Australian Local.
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