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Old 16 May 2013, 10:27 PM
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Soapbox U.S. Embassy and Consulate Attacks Under George W. Bush

Comment: I received the following information via email. As a rule I
verify information through such sites as Snopes, before forwarding or
repeating. Information below I can't validate one way or another. Can you

U.S. Embassy and Consulate Attacks Under George W. Bush

January 22, 2002: US consulate at Kolkata, 5 Killed
June 14, 2002: US Consulate at Karachi, 12 Killed
February 28, 2003: US Embassy at Islamabad, 2 Killed
June 30, 2004: US Embassy at Tashkent, 2 Killed
December 6, 2004: US Compound at Saudi Arabia, 9 Killed
March 2, 2006: US Consulate in Karachi, 2 Killed
September 12, 2006: US Embassy at Syria, 4 Killed
March 18, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 2 Killed
July 9, 2008: US Consulate at Istanbul, 6 Killed
September 17, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 16 Killed
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Old 17 May 2013, 12:41 AM
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25) On January 22, 2002, Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami gunmen attacked the US consulate at Kolkata, killing five people.

26) On June 14, 2002, an Al-Qaeda truck bomb detonated outside the US consulate at Karachi, killing 12.

27) On October 12, 2002, the US consular office at Denpasar (Indonesia) was bombed by Jemaah Islamiyah as part of the Bali bombings.

28) In 2002 again, nine people were killed by bomb blast near US embassy in Lima (Peru). It was seen as attempt to disrupt forthcoming visit by President George W. Bush.

29) On February 28, 2003, unknown gunmen attacked US embassy at Islamabad, killing two people.

30) On June 30, 2004, a suicide bomber hailing from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacked US embassy at Tashkent, killing two people.

31) On December 6, 2004, Al-Qaeda gunmen raided the diplomatic compound at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), killing nine Americans.

32) On March 2, 2006, two people were killed when a car bomb exploded outside the US consulate in Karachi.

33) On September 12, 2006, gunmen raided the US embassy at Damascus (Syria), killing four people.

34) On January 12, 2007, a Greek revolutionary group fired an RPG at the US embassy at Greece. No damage done.

35) On March 18, 2008, a mortar attack at the US Embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) killed two people.

36) On July 9, 2008, an armed attack at the US consulate at Istanbul killed six people.

37) On September 17, 2008, 16 people were killed when the US embassy at Sana’a (Yemen) was attacked.
Finding similar events listed on Wiki and other sources

These attacks were not on the list US Embassy in Belgrade 2/21/2008 Foiled attempt on US Embassy in Vienna 10/1/2007
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