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Old 29 March 2012, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
I question the urge to say this without actually reading the thread to find out that not having seen it was actually a topic of discussion, nothing about being special.
I *did* read the thread. It became only a topic of discussion after several people basically said "I haven't seen it, does it make me weird?"
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Old 29 March 2012, 02:46 PM
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Taste in movies is very much YMMV. I never saw The Godfather when it came out, and to this day, I like The Godfather II much better than the original. I think that is down to the telling of the two stories and their intercutting--Michael trying to reign supreme while seeking out who is trying to kill him, while the origins story--how Don Corleone came to be, plays out.

As for Titanic, it was pretty good storytelling, wrapping the voyage and sinking of the ship around its discovery on the bottom. Water World was okay, but it is an example of the very sincere Kevin Costner style that doesn't grab you. For the same reason, I like Tombstone a bit better than Wyatt Earp, although Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday is huge for me as part of the difference. Costner's Earp, somewhat like the original, was kind of humorless, not "affable". Russell's Earp was just as taciturn, but displayed a lot of emotion, mostly vengefulness, during the revenge ride portion.

I don't get why people have to poke at the hallowed movies of others, it really is personal. I think it has a lot to do with when someone sees a movie, time of life, what is going on with them, etc.

But nobody better say anything bad about Casablanca--got me?

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Old 30 March 2012, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Mickey Blue View Post
But yes, mostly my criticism goes to those who deliberately avoid specific movies (as opposed to genres) because of (I suspect) hype backlash causing them to just assume it will suck.

There are lots of movies out there people don't like, but Titanic and Jersey Girl tend to stand out in the degree of criticism they got.
I agree - I did eventually see it, and it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't the movie of the century in my opinion and I know so many people who did think it was just that, that I was befuddled as to *why*. I mean - it was okay, but I was irritated at Rose for hogging that big ol ice cube all to herself and then feeling so guilty that Jack drowned. Well yeah he drowned - you hogged the ice cube, dummy.

~also I detest Celine Dion for some reason and that is one reason I kind of had a dislike for the movie. Though that's not rational and has nothing to do with the quality, critically speaking, of the movie itself. It's just a personal thing. I just DETEST Celine Dion. Bleah.

Actually I think DiCaprio is a fairly brilliant actor as is what's her face...I liked her best in Sense and Sensibility. (which I also knew what happened in that movie before I saw it, of course, but I guess I found that story more interesting than the story of the Titanic, which just doesn't interest me much. Kind of like listening to a song you know you like again, versus listening to a song you are lukewarm about again...)

eta And I liked Waterworld well enough. That's another one everybody loves to hate on, poor old Kevin Costner. My aunt goes ballistic, calls him a "mouth breather" and etc etc. (???) I like him.

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Old 30 March 2012, 12:30 AM
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If I recall (I have a good memory for information that has no practical value) she was floating on a door or a dresser or something and they did have a brief bit where they both got on but the extra weight caused it to tip.. Wow I hate myself..

Honestly among my biggest gripes about the movie were making the 'third wheel' romance guy just over the top NFBSKhole-ish.. I mean I know the goal is to make whomever is gonna get dropped in a love triangle unlikable so the audience won't feel like the main characters are jerks but he took the cake. The other bit was old Rose throwing away the diamond at the end.. Its like first off there are probably a lot of charities that could use the money you'd get from selling that diamond to a museum or collector or something, plus you just totally ruined the career of the guy who brought you out here to reconnect with your tragic past (he was out there to hunt down the diamond itself, she was to come out and talk about her experience and where she left the diamond so they could try to recover it. Turned out she had it with her the whole time and throws it into the ocean at the end).

I think that a major reason it was so over the top popular was basically the opposite of the anti-hype.. The hype. It was popular cause everybody thought it was popular so you aren't gonna bad mouth it.. The problem with hype is too much causes a reaction to it and that is what we ended up with, a movie that by all accounts (YMMV obviously..) was pretty good. Decent actors, great special effects, good supporting cast, good story, etc, but its remembered as just a horrific waste of time.
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Old 30 March 2012, 03:50 AM
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OK so what do Titanic and Sixth Sense have in common?

Icy dead people...

OK, I'll be quiet now.
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Old 06 April 2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by mags View Post
I might have to catch it next time I see a Godfather marathon.
Two movies hardly constitutes a "marathon".

There were only two Godfather movies. Luckily nobody thought to make a third movie. They stopped after the second one and that's all.
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