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Snake Scientist Believes DNA Test Will Finally Solve The Loch Ness Monster Mystery

A scientist from New Zealand has claimed that a simple DNA could finally solve the mystery of ‘Nessie’ the Loch Ness monster.

Professor Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago, will use the forensics test to look for traces of DNA that do not match known animals that already live in the lake.
Basically they're going to run a DNA test on the water of the loch to try and find traces of monster
‘All large organisms lose cells as they move through their environment. New genomic technology is sensitive enough to pick this up and we can use comparisons to databases that span the majority of known living things.’ he explained.

‘If there was anything unusual in the loch these DNA tools would be likely to pick up that evidence.’

DNA testing didn't verify the existence of Bigfoot and I'm pretty sure they're going to have similar results here, eg: the test results will be inconclusive so the believers will keep on believing and the skeptics will stay skeptical.
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