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Originally Posted by Cure the Blues View Post
I also wrapped up Hard-Luck Diggings, an anthology of early Jack Vance stories. Very fun with a lot of variety, even if most of the stories don't quite reach the quality of Vance's later works. DP! really stood out since it reminded me of the movie District 9. I'm not sure about the title, unless its a callback to the DP pseudonym of H. G. Wells, in which case Vance is referencing the Morlocks from Time Machine.
Is "DP!" the one where humanoids start pouring out of caves, turns out they've been living on fungus and are being driven out by rising lava; the ones that survive surface conditions are in camps and no one really knows what to do with them? If so, "DP" stands for "displaced person", and it's commentary on how real-life displaced persons can genuinely be victims and yet ignored/despised by populations that, ultimately, just don't want to deal with them (think, contemporarily, of the Katrina DPs).
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