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I would say it's pretty certain that early Christians (and the Jews that preceded them) borrowed from other religions. As has been mentioned in this thread, the concept of Hell seems to have come from the Greco-Roman idea of the underworld, probably without their even thinking about it - the idea may have been so prevalent at the time that it was just taken for granted that when you die, you go to a some unpleasant (if not actually torturous) place beneath the earth..

I think the idea that anyone can be "saved", and end up going somewhere nicer, was probably pretty revolutionary for the time and place. The Greeks had their Elysian Fields, but they were closed to all but their greatest of heroes, and I don't know of any other contemporary religion in the West that rewarded you in death for good behavior.

Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
If there had been no Christianity, I would assume the Islam would be the dominant religion as there wouldn't have been as unified a group that would have opposed Islamic conquests.
But didn't Islam at least partially spring from Christianity? In any case, I doubt that it would be Islam exactly as we know it.
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