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Originally Posted by damian View Post
Even when those beliefs are patently silly?

It tells a story that the writers want you to hear.
Have you ever heard a story that the writers didn't want you to hear?

Wasn't Revelation exactly that?
Even if it were, that's just one part out of many.

You don't think an adult that believed Star Wars was true would be mocked?
The Star Wars comparison was more a direct response your first post on this thread:
Originally Posted by damian View Post
Does it matter when a made-up place is included in a fiction book?
Of course it matters. Even if everyone in the world considered it a work of pure fiction, it would still matter, in the same way that it matters when the circumstances of a made-up altercation was changed in a fictional movie. It also matters because it tells us something about the people who wrote and believed in it at the time, just as the Star Wars revision tells us something about how the movie industry (and possibly even society as a whole) had changed between the movie's original release and its re-release.

In short, I find the attitude that the details and history of the Bible "don't matter" to be not only socially disrespectful, but historically, anthropologically, and literarily irresponsible.

As everyone has a right to hold an opinion or belief, everyone has a right to mock those beliefs.
Yes, but that make one any less of a jerk for doing so.

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