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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
And here I always thought Comic Sans was the devil's font.
The word "Helvetica" has a very different origin, as I've explained earlier in this thread:

Originally Posted by damian View Post
So all those religious wars, the subjugation of women and other races, slavery and anti-gay laws would have existed? Many of the dickheads in the world use the bible to justify their actions. If they chose to follow the Wyld Stallyns instead, the world would be better.
Well, subjugation of women and other races have happened in many different cultures, and so has slavery. It has nothing to do with the Bible.

Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
How about Blair Witch Project? Or Mermaids: the Body Found?. How about The Elder Protocols of Zion, presented as as factual and believed as factual by some of its audience?
Some myths can eventually be proven as true or false, but many will be hard to confirm or dismiss.

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