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Mouse Mouse killed man by crawling down his throat?

I found this in Uncle John's Canoramic Bathroom Reader, in an article about strenge deaths.

At a London factory in 1875, a mouse caused a panic when it ran across a table. A female worker screamed; a man rushed in and tried to catch the mouse but couldn't hold on to it. The rodent ran up his arm and darted into the only hole it could find: the man's open mouth. According to the Manchester Evening News, "The mouse began to tear and bite inside his throat and chest, and the result was that the unfortunate fellow died after a little time in horrible agony."
This story seems a little suspect to me: mice generally try to avoid running inside a larger creature's mouth, and how would it force its way down the man's throat without triggering his gag reflex? The lack of names makes me even more skeptical.
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