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1. What novelist is the subject of 1999's biography Mary Poppins, She Wrote?

P. L. Travers, I would assume.

2. In 2013, who did the Evening Standard place atop their list of London's 1,000 most powerful people, even though he only became eligible in July?

No idea.

3. "One nation, two systems," was the constitutional principle unveiled in 1984 to allow for self-government in certain regions of what country?

China, in regards to Hong Kong.

4. Rob Halford, with his famed four-octave vocal range, is best known for fronting what rock band since 1969 (aside from a hiatus during the 1990s)?

Judas Priest.

5. In 2010, what automaker rolled out its first ever series production electric car, the Leaf?


6. What mythical creature appeared in the production logo at the end of the quiz show Jeopardy! from 1984 to 1994?


7. What unusual distinction is shared by these movies? The Age of Innocence, Anchorman 2, Moonrise Kingdom, Pete's Dragon, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Shutter Island, Take This Waltz, The Ring.

Not coming up with anything.