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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
So the scenario is: a woman sleeps with
a sailor. She doesn't know his last name, but she knows the name of his
ship, -snip- and didn't understand what the words meant, used

-snip- I test[ed] the story by searching on Facebook for people named "Usnavi." I found about 30, all over the world....
Shouldn't it then be "Usnavy"?
Originally Posted by Cyrano View Post
On a similar note, in French African colonies, it was commonplace for missionaries who ran the hospitals to name children after the day's saint in the calendar.

Children born on July 14 (which you know as Bastille Day) were named Fetnat for fet. nat. or "Fête Nationale" (national holiday). The name apparently still exists.
Not questioning your information, Cyrano, just wondering why the missionaries, and not the children's parents, were in charge of naming them. Was this the name they actually addressed by, on a daily basis, or was this just their baptismal name, that was on a record the missionaries kept, but wasn't otherwise used?
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