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Pierre Curie died in an road accident involving a carriage.

The place I'm most often a pedestrian is in downtown Columbus. IME most drivers observe crosswalks and yield to pedestrians, but I've had some scary moments -- a limo that turned left almost in arm's reach of me as I crossed a street with a walk light (in the rain, bonus points); drivers that barreled through the zebra crossing in front of my office without even slowing down (they're required to stop, and there's ample signage instructing them to); and scariest of all, a dump truck that sped over a rise in the road and through a red light.

Most recently, a driver turning right honked at me when I was a few steps away from the curb, crossing on the light (I don't jaywalk in downtown Columbus, crossing legally is adventurous enough). Apparently I wasn't walking fast enough to suit him.
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