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Alligator Gator sighting near 'Hooch concerns Cobb residents

Hikers near the Chattahoochee River had a surprising encounter with a large alligator this holiday weekend. Rangers believe the alligator has made a home in the swamp land in the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area on the Cobb County side of the river but near some condos and apartments.

Dang, that's in my neck of the woods (though far enough I am not actually worried, unless there's a breeding population that would spread up the creeks). It seems very odd that it could survive these past several winters which have been plenty cold, with numerous hard freezes (temps in the low 20s, even teens in the low-lying areas, like along the river). There are no piles of garbage that would generate heat through the winter in the area, although perhaps vegetation could provide an over-wintering warm spot.
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