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I was a kid when the first swine flu hit & I recall everyone panicking then too & very little coming of it all.

And as troberg said, lots of people die from the flu every year, that's nothing new either.

It basically sounds like the anti-vaccine people using the flu as a reason not to immunize your kid.

No one is gonna FORCE you to get the H1N1 OR the regular flu vaccine or any other shot for that matter. You can send your kid to school without all those shots. Sure you gotta jump through hoops, but you can still do it.

I've never gotten the flu shot & don't plan on it this year either. Not because I'm all suspicious ov dah turrible ole gubmint but because I'm not really in a high risk group.

I've no kids, I'm not 80 or 5 or pregnant or have any auto-immune diseases & unlike others at my workplace, I DON'T COME TO WORK IF I'M A SICKY MCSICKERSON!!
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