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She's been claiming a specific named great-great-great- grandmother was either Native American, or had enough Native American genetics to be generally identified as such at the time. Which is a) perfectly plausible b) consistent with the DNA results and c) certainly not sufficient to make Warren herself Native American; though I don't think she's ever said that she is -- I think even on the old college form she only said that she had such ancestry.

On the one hand, Trump is entirely and absolutely out of line about this. Pocahantas was a real person, she was nothing like the version I was taught about in school, and much of her life wasn't pretty. Neither is what Trump is trying to do with her name.

On the other hand, Warren has been apparently entirely clueless about how all of this is coming across from the point of view of many of the Cherokee and of many other Native Americans. I might be inclined to cut her slack over the college stuff -- but the last time this came up in the political context, if not sooner, she should have learned about what the complaints were, and should know better by now. She's acting as if this were all an argument between her and Trump, and had nothing to do with the people both of them are arguing about.

I don't think either of them is coming across well on this issue, at all.
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