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Huh. IMO this doesn't really go with most of the Florida Man stories.

According to the article, it turned out he did indeed have the proper paperwork; he just didn't have it with him.

On the one hand, I can see getting the tattoo on the principle that one might not have the paperwork immediately present, and/or that even if the paperwork was on site the emergency crew might not otherwise look hard enough for it. On the other hand, the doctors had a point that if one's changed one's mind, it's a lot easier to change a piece of paper than a tattoo, and so the tattoo might remain even if the decision had been changed.

For the last several years of her life, my mother carried her non-hospital DNR everywhere she went. If we went out to dinner, she'd doublecheck that it was in her bag, and that I knew where it was.
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