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A fence meant to hold back mud from sliding downhill, maybe?

I don't know why that would be uglier than any other fence, however -- except maybe that it would presumably be muddy, at least on the uphill side.

I wonder whether 'mud' isn't the original word in there; but I'm having trouble thinking of what it might have been a misunderstanding or mis-speaking of. -- Mad fence maybe, as in spite fence? (one put up between neighbors who are mad at each other, and likely to be designed by the one who puts it up so as to be ugly on the side facing the one that they're mad at.)

-- Brad, I would think that any expression a possum produced that looked like a grin wouldn't mean what a human smile usually does, but would just be a grimace baring teeth. And pulling one's tail might, I suppose, actually produce such an expression. So maybe the drunk uncle had it backwards.
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