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The colleges that I went to never had an official (or unofficial rule as far as I know) about how long to stay if a professor doesn't show. However, I suppose that if the professor didn't show after 15 or 20 minutes, many or most of the students would leave. I never really had that problem though, except for maybe once a professor was maybe close to 10 minutes late. Most of the time the professor knew before hand if he or she wasn't going to make it for class and would either email us or tell us the class before that the next class was cancelled.
I don't think this rule would be needed as much with the availability of technology nowadays. Most people have a smart phone with them all the time and easy access to email. So unless it was an absolute last minute emergency, most professors I think could email or call someone to inform the students the class was cancelled or going to start late.
And as far as professors taking attendance. Most of the professors that I had never really had an attendance policy. They probably thought of you didn't show, you were an adult, and you would accept the consequences of of not showing up to class. In a few classes, the professor would take attendance for a few extra credit points. It usually wasn't many points at one time, but she did it enough times, the points added up.
I did have three or four professors actually have a policy that if a student missed x number of days, the student would automatically fail or would suffer a decrease in a letter grade. It was many professors that did it though.
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