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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
That argument also assumes iPhones are being used in moral but unlawful ways in other countries, and that this use is something that should be protected at the cost of lives that could be saved from immoral criminal activity (through legitimate warrants) everywhere iPhones are available.
There is also the general principle of the thing, like how someone who is acting neither illegally nor immorally could (and perhaps even should) still object to a police search.

More to the point, even a well-meaning and not overly oppressive government like (hopefully) our own can have data breaches, in which the non-incriminating but sensitive information it obtains through perfectly legal and above-board means (eg: as part of a voluntary security clearance investigation or to make electronic payments to an employee) is breached by another government or criminals.

Unlimited access for the government can become unlimited access for a third party if the security of government databases is breached. And it is. All the time.
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