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Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
I'm still waiting for a bird watching guide that has pictures of all species of birds of prey as an in-flight silhouette.
Try the Peterson Field Guides. They are very affordable. I don't have mine handy, but I recall that for many birds they have in-flight as well as perching depictions. For several allied species, they will have silhouettes-from-underneath for comparison. Still, telling a red-tailed hawk from a broad-shouldered hawk from 1/2 kilometer or more underneath is for the experts. And speaking of experts:
Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
And don't feel bad; I studied ornithology and I was required to learn hundreds of bird IDs for my classes. It can be tough; I've been a birder for 10 years, and I still can't ID certain shorebirds or gulls who aren't in breeding plumage.
Oh, yeah, Ms. Smarty-pants, how do you tell all the varieties of warblers apart!?