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Originally Posted by Die Capacitrix View Post
My mother's friend, an avid bird-watcher, once identified a bird as an "LBT". When pressed, she admitted it stood for "Little Brown Thing". So even the serious ones don't always know everything.
Oh, I imagine so; lots of little birds look alike. The guide I meant though? Seriously impressive. We stopped off on our tour of Panama for a half hour or so of bird-watching and some bird flew past. "It's a ruby-breasted tongue strangling flipper flyer!"* The ornithology student (hired by the tour company) said. It landed on a branch and the bird watchers in the group all hurridly looked it up and it was indeed a ruby-breasted tongue strangling flipper flyer. I would have gone with "something flying; possibly a bird".

* name may not be 100% accurate.