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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I'm not going to defend drawing a gun on someone but being approached in a parking lot by someone who asks for a lighter is a pretty classic scam. Maybe she's read one too many "avoid being a victim" articles and took it to the extreme.
I don't know as I would call it a 'scam' in the sense of being an intro to a cadge, as seems to be assumed by others here (not saying you did, Sue). My concern would be that it was a ruse to get close enough to someone with their guard down so that the approacher can rob them without their having an opportunity to defend or run. That's why in first reading the story I was not decided on whether the arrest was appropriate or not. Then the article showed that the store video was checked and it showed there was no intermediate attempt to wave him off, or any aggressive gestures as claimed. She may still have honestly believed she was under threat, and so the charge will probably be reduced, perhaps to something like 'brandishing a firearm in public.'
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